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What I Should Have Said 

by Rob Snow


"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade"


Did you just call my son a lemon?


This book is a compilation of about 40-50 of those cringeworthy moments when someone says something so inappropriate, mean, or just plain wrong.  Rob provides his 3 responses to each of these moments to create a humorous and possibly helpful guide for anyone connected to a person with special needs.  It's also a good guide or anyone who isn't quite sure of the words that come out of their mouths.


$1 of every book sale goes to the charity Stand Up For Downs!


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For Purchases within the U.S., click the button below.  Cost is $12.95 which includes tax, shipping, handling.

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Cool People Are Saying Cool Things...

"Rob offers a great reminder that every life is precious, that every person is a gift, and that every experience has the power to change us if we just stay open to it.  His book is an eye opener, his humor is a hear opener."

Regina Brett, Cleveland Plain Dealer Columnist and Author of NY Times Bestseller, God Never Blinks.


"Yea for Rob Snow! His book validates all those thoughts we parents of children with special needs have stuffed down for so long.  It's freeing, it's truthful, and it's funny.  It's about time we had a good laugh together."

Gail Williamson, founder and director of Down Syndrome In Arts and Media


"What I should Have Said is a light-hearted, easy to read book that has a message for everyone, whether you are a parent of a child with Down syndrome or not.  Rob Snow does a great job of taking a very sensitive subject and uses humor to address it."

Diane Grover, founder of the International Down Syndrome Coalition

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