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It starts with laughter, add in personal experiences, a touch of other's experiences, a few key facts, some poignant ideas, and top it all off with some more laughter.  That's been Rob's recipe for  each of the shows below, and for an entertained and inspired crowd. There is no doubt that Rob has become a very funny corporate and motivational speaker.


Currently, Rob has 3 shows for various audiences.  Each show can be formatted to fit the particular audience.  Each performance uses a slide show(PowerPoint). The length can vary between 20 minutes to 75 minutes depending on your needs.  The shows are also completely appropriate to all ages.  There are no words that are unsuitable for a younger crowd, however, you can discuss the topics and decide if those will work for everyone.  Each show will require a projector, screen, and a microphone(if over 30 people).  Rob will be happy to provide all other technical requirements and fees.


To Contact Rob about booking a show:


or fill out the form on the contact page.




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Just Treat Each Other Right

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