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3 Funny, Inspiring, and Incredibly Entertaining Shows


Rob Snow turned a stand-up comedy hobby into three hilarious and inspiring shows for a multitude of audiences.  He first created "We Need A Sign", which primarily relates to the Special Needs Community, then followed it up with a show for youths and young adults called "How Bout...Just Treat Each Other Right", and finally, "Minimize The Mountain" which is a show for anyone who has had to face an incredible obstacle in life. Rob has become a very funny corporate and motivational speaker.

Upcoming and Past Shows


Since Rob Snow first performed his show We Need A Sign in October of 2011 in Cleveland, Ohio, he has performed numerous shows around  the country.  Check out his upcoming schedule and get an idea of where all he has performed in the past.

A quick look at Minimize The Mountain...

What I Should Have Rob Snow

You know those moments where someone says something to you that is so inappropriate it left you speechless?  You then did everything you could to restrain yourself, smile through your gritted teeth, and find the nearest exit.  Once you got away, and had a moment to yourself, you probably thought of all the things you wish you would have said.


Well, that's pretty much the gist of this book as it relates to those of us involved with the special needs community.  Rob lists the many comments heard over the years, and does not hold back on his often hilarious, often direct responses to what he wishes he would have said.

Videos of the Shows


Click below to get a brief flavor of Rob Snow's performances in each of his three shows. Rob would like to let everyone know that professional audio/visual people were rarely involved in the filming, so bear with the production quality.

The Reviews...

"As a seasoned motivational speaker for the past 44 years, I tend to be critical of other speakers, however, this morning I was overwhelmed by your exemplary performance! I have been on stage with some of the best speakers(Franklin Graham, Eddie Albert, Bishop Tutu, and Zig Ziglar), and you belong on that list of amazing speakers!! Your delivery is powerful, and the use of your son and photos adds to the overall message." Dr. Don Bartlette, Motivational Speaker, Author

"Rob Snow's larger than life personality really captivates the entire room. He sucks you in with his witty humor and leaves you feeling empowered and anxious to take on life's next challenge. His Minimize the Mountain presentation is laugh out loud funny with just the right amount of motivational and self-help advice. The stories he shares are relatable to a wide audience, which was confirmed by the room full of head nods and laughs from parents, educators, and community members. Rob is so good, I didn't see a single cell phone out during his presentation!" - Leah Janke, Executive Director, DS Alliance of the Midlands

"Rob was definitely the highlight of the event. 

He was that perfect combination of humor, candor, and sentiment that we needed. His message for tackling life’s challenges was relatable to all guests, however really resonated with me as well as other parents of special needs children. He actually brought me back to an emotional place that I hadn’t visited in a while, and made me reflect on the years since. Rob rolled easily with our sometimes haphazard planning and laughed his way through some of our technical glitches!"Sarah Koehn, President, GiGi's Playhouse-Milwaukee

"Thank you for taking the time to visit with us after the show. We absolutely loved the show! I have never witnessed someone who is able to combine motivation, inspiration, and comedy as you did! You have a talent for keeping the audience engaged and I look forward to applying the 7 steps to minimizing my mountains!" - Ellen Schlarmann, Communications Director - Camp Courageous

"Rob is absolutely amazing and was definitely the highlight of our day! The way he incorporates his own challenges with motivation and  then throws in some comedy is outstanding! He’s very down to earth and when he’s done presenting, you feel you’ve known him and his family forever! Great show and great information!!" -Heather Obermyer Human Resources Coordinator- Henry County Board of Developmental Disabilities

Rob Snow was able to capture the attention of an entire middle school for 45 minutes on a Friday afternoon of a holiday weekend. The principal said he had never seen the kids be that quiet before. They listened, participated and appeared to be visibly moved by the message of kindness counts. Rob was insightful, thoughtful, funny and related to the kids in an incredible way. If you are considering having him speak, don't hesitate! - Jen Towell, Special Needs Committee Chair, Revere Public Schools

"Rob entertained at the DSA of Ontario in October. He shared his expertise through experience and laughter to an audience of parents and professionals.  Rob's insight into the challenges and successes he has witnessed while climbing his 'mountain' gave the attendees and opportunity to reflect and realize they too can conquer their mountainone day at a time! We all walked away with some powerful thoughts to begin a weekend of learning." - Deb Reid, Executive Director, Down Syndrome Association of Peterborough, Ontario


"Rob is a clever, personable comic with a little advantage, His son Henry provides a gateway into a new world, life with Down Syndrome. His humor connects with the audience, makes you feel part of the bigger picture, and empowers you to share your story.  I feel I've known his family a long time."   -  Andy Bean, Board Member, National Down Syndrome Congress


"Rob Snow is a witty performer who connects with the audience.  The humor in his show is clean, down-to-earth, and very relatable. His heart shines through the stories he shares. Any type of audience would enjoy his universal appeal" - Lisa Barnes, Ohio DSP Event Chair


"Erin's teacher came out to my car to tell me that some of the 7th grade girls came up to the lunch table today and asked if they could sit with Erin! She also said she has seen a difference in some of the teachers, interacting more with the students with disabilities. THANK YOU and keep up the great work!" - Maria Dellapina, mother to a daughter with DS who asked Rob to speak at her daughter's Junior High. 

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